Aged 6 Valentino started to take violin lessons. When we was 14 he added the guitar, until today his biggest passion. Valentino also plays keyboards and has won several 1st prizes at vocalists competitions. At a very young age he played at bigger stages with his band Cameleon. He played all overl Europe in several bands. In Holland he played the last 30 years with all known Dutch artists as André Hazes, Gordon, Lee Towers and Anita Meijer.

With a mix of very good sound quality, virtuosity and a whole lot of experience he will guarentee you an impeccable evening. Without any problem Valentino will change instruments and together with his beautiful voice he will let you enjoy all the songs from the oldies to the latest releases. His repertoire has a 1000 or so songs, in all styles of music. There is also a wide choice of Italian, Spanish, Greek and South American repertoire, and of course a great choice of disco, top-40 and ballroommusic. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised if not astonished by the beautiful music he will serve at your table. Focussed on your guests he will know immediately to adjust his repertoire to their liking.

Along his live music Valentino has an ample drive-in show. This can, if you wish, be used in combination with the live music. And of course he will bring a sizeable lighting set, including bubble- and smoke machine, lasers, etc. etc.!